Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sensational guitar noise from JASON HENN

Our pal Jason Henn has been conducting noisy recording experiments since his pre-teens. Here's the latest transmission from his unique sound world...

This untitled track comes to us from a self-released 7" lathe cut by Mr. Henn, to be packaged with a bunch of full-color cardstock inserts and limited to some unholy small number.

Titled simply Farm/Closet, and allegedly recorded entirely on treated guitars in the upstairs closet of a farm house in Indiana, Henn manages to conjure a mess of extraterrestrial sounds that evoke the image of neither farms nor closets. The full session, not including edits unique to this lathe cut, is being issued sometime soon as a CDR on Third Uncle.

+ + +
Untitled (Side A)
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